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Hello booklikes!

This is my first official post on booklikes. Yay! I'm still getting the hang of this site, but I like what I've seen so far. :)



How to Ruin a Summer Vacation (How to Ruin, #1) - Simone Elkeles 3.5 stars

This was a cute and at times really charming book about a 16 year old on summer vacation in Israel with her estranged father. The story itself was probably a little young for me, but it was a quick read and I did enjoy it.
Four: The Transfer: A Divergent Story - Veronica Roth A nice short story of how Four got his name. I can't wait for Allegiant!
When I Look to the Sky - Barbara S. Stewart Free today on amazon!
Origin - Jennifer L. Armentrout image

It needs to be Aug 27 NOW.
Shooting Scars - Karina Halle I can't believe it. Shooting Scars is finally out and somehow I managed to finish this book in one day. I was sneaking reading time on my phone, whenever and wherever I could find a moment. I couldn't put it down.

I loved Sins and Needles and Shooting Scars did not disappoint. It was one heck of an emotional ride. I am totally on Team Camden and I was rooting for him the entire book, but why am I swooning over a hot sociopath? Javier scares the crap out of me and yet his chemistry with Ellie is electric! I hate Javier for putting Ellie through everything, and at the same time I am still hoping he can be redeemed.

It needs to be October NOW!

In the meantime, I'm going to re-read the first two books again!

Clockwork Angel (Graphic Novel) - HyeKyung Baek, Cassandra Clare Must-have for fans of The Infernal Devices.

Can't wait to get my hands on the Clockwork Prince manga!
Oh, Sleepur! - Marty Schoenleber III "... There are two world hidden out there, through the fog and the sound, but you won't find either one unless your shoulders are back, your head is up, and your heart is open."

Finally! A Kindle version is out!
My Butterfly - Laura     Miller Free on kindle
Thief (Love Me With Lies, #3) - Tarryn Fisher Perfect book is perfect. I loved everything about this so much! Review to come.
Man V. Liver - Neil Hinson;Paul Friedrich I think.
I drink.

Man v. Liver is a collection of one liners, accompanying a drawing of said Man. Some of them were kind of funny but none of it was exceptionally witty. It didn't really like this as a book, though I think this might be good as a gag gift for the right person.
Shadows - Paula Weston review to come...
Mission One of Auggie the Alien (Auggie the Alien Series) - Leah Spiegel,  Megan Summers Mission One is a cute and incredibly charming story of Auggie, a nine year old half-alien, sent to earth to observe human behavior up close. His mission is to complete three goals in order to blend in with the other human children: To be invited to a sleepover, to go on a social outing with more than one friend, and to be invited to a birthday party. Though he looks like the average fourth grader, blending in isn't quite an easy task when he prefers electrical zaps as a meal rather than Grandma's pork chops, and when he shows up on the first day to class in his PJ's with the conveniently attached footies. Even though he's a genius to most kids' standards (maybe even some adults), there are still a lot of things he has to learn. Like when your annoyed teacher asks if you're trying to get smart with her, you probably shouldn't answer

"Well, I'm certainly not trying to 'get stupid' with you. That would be counterproductive for both of us, don't you agree?"

Or when she asks who farted in class, it's best you don't tell her that she did it. ("The first who smelt it, dealt it."- Left Hand Chuck, Auggie's best friend on the whole planet)

There are quite a lot of funny moments as Auggie attempts to accomplish his mission and get a hang of English slang.

"It seemed like the English I had learned for years wasn't the same English Mrs. Malumrector was speaking."

I also really liked the message of this story, that it is ok to be different, and part of having others accept you is accepting yourself.

This is a really fun read for all ages, and I cannot wait to share this with my son in the future.

Five stars
Anna Dressed in Blood (Anna, #1) - Kendare Blake on sale for 2.99 Amazon/Kindle
Old Blood - Karina Halle Oh, Pippa! You started off as crazy, creepy clown lady but after this book I feel so much for you! A girl with so much promise, tainted by her special gifts. Pippa's story is sad, one of unfulfilled dreams and unavoidable destiny, but for fans of this series, it does help provide a backstory for Dex and Perry in Pippa's POV.

4 stars
Obsession - Jennifer L. Armentrout image

Daemon, please don’t hate me, but I think I’m obsessed with an Arum. As a fan of the Lux series, it should feel so wrong. After all, aren’t Arum evil? Well, in Obsession we learn there are two sides to every story, and not all things are black and white.

What I loved the most about Obsession (besides a new hot alien to crush on) is it really expands on the Luxen-Arum-verse. We didn’t know much about the Arum before, but there is so much we learn in this book, about the Arum, Luxen and DOD. This is definitely a good one for fans of the original series, but even if you haven’t read the Lux books you can still enjoy it as a standalone.