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The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies, #1) - Tarryn Fisher Wow wow wow!
I seriously cannot think right now. -- It was that good.

Review, now that my brain is working again:

Wow. I was speechless (and thoughtless!) when I finished this, around 2 o’clock last night. This was seriously unputdownable. To say this book was an emotional roller coaster is an understatement. I felt disoriented, wow’ed, excited, a little depressed… I felt like I was sucked up in this whirlwind of emotions and tossed back out. There is an addictive quality to how Tarryn Fisher writes, and even after the whiplash I received I wanted more.

This was more than just a romance novel. It’s a book about obsession, about self destruction, what if’s and second chances, and about redemption. And boy, is it good.

Olivia Kaspen should not be a likable protagonist. In fact, she does a lot of terrible things in this book. She’s deceitful and manipulative and when the opportunity arrises for a second chance with her true love, you bet she takes full advantage. And yet, I could empathize with Olivia. I yearned for Caleb along with her. The flashback chapters do help us see their past relationship; how truly, deeply in love they once were and how devastatingly broken she is to have thrown it all away.

A part of me- a big part- wanted her to win. Another part of me wanted her to get caught, or at least own up to her mistakes. The characters, even her beloved Caleb, are all scheming to get what they want. I have to give the author a lot of credit. She has amazing talent in writing a story with characters who do these despicable things and I still cannot get enough of them.

The next book in this series, Dirty Red is due out later this year and it looks like it will be in Leah’s POV. I hated Leah, she was definitely the villain in The Opportunist, but at this point I will read anything from Tarryn Fisher. She’s got me hooked.

5/5 stars