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Time Out (Foolish Games, #2) - Leah Spiegel,  Megan Summers Joie Hall is no stranger to elevator drama.

In Foolish Games, she meets rock star JT Hawkins in an elevator where he insults her by saying he prefers blondes and she retaliates by taking his ego down a few notches. In Time Out, it's been a few weeks since the first book and Joie & friends are still on the road with The Grimms Brothers Band. Joie is on her way up to see her boyfriend when a beautiful blonde steps in the elevator, headed to the same destination. Who is Gwen Warren and what is she doing coming up to JT Hawkins' suite? Well, it turns out she's Warren's sister, a doctor who works in third world countries... and Hawkins' ex-fiance.

Gwen was the Lizzie of this book for me. I couldn't stand her, she did a lot of nasty things to Joie. Even in the end when she tries to redeem herself, I didn't like her. Lizzie, however, moved up quite a bit in my book. I can see why Joie and Riley were such good friends with her. She can be really self-absorbed but she loves her friends and she's protective of them. Riley is still a favorite of mine. I wish he was my BFF :)

And Hawkins... I loved every page he was on, which didn't feel like enough! He is this 6'3 hot rock star who truly loves Joie for who she is, pink sweats and all. He is so sweet and devoted to her. *Dreamy sigh*
Joie, who I really liked in the first book, annoyed me a bit in this one. Like not telling Hawkins about Gwen (trying to leave her behind, the slap), and her insecurities (especially with the appearance of his ex) since what I love about Joie is how comfortable she is in her own skin.

Overall, I really enjoyed Time Out. It was a fun, easy read and I liked the twists in this book. I wish it was longer, though! I don't know what I'm going to do until the next one comes out!