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Wounded - Jasinda Wilder I didn't really like this one.

It started off promising and then tapered off as the story went along. I couldn't get into the romance between Rania and Hunter. Their connection didn't feel believable to me, with the language barrier (though they managed to learn enough of each other's languages in a matter of a week or so to communicate) and their uncontrollable desires for one another that seemed inappropriate for the situation. At one point Hunter kills one of Rania's johns and not too long after they are making out while the dead body is in the bath tub. There were several scenes like that which were unrealistic. Another part that didn't sit well with me was when two character we thought had died came back to save them and it is not at all explained how they survived.
About halfway through I started skimming pages because of how repetitive some of the chapters were. For example, we'd have a chapter where Hunter is describing the first time he kisses Rania, and then the following chapter it is Rania's side of that exact kiss.

I had hoped for another thought-provoking romance like Vain, and was disappointed. This was a quick read though (I read it in the span of a day), and it wasn't too bad. Where it lacked in depth it made up for in sexy times.