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Stalk me - Jillian Dodd I didn’t know what to expect when I started Stalk me. I just knew that I loved Jillian Dodd’s other books, That Boy and That Wedding. They were really fun reads and her characters were lovable and relatable. Stalk me. was a look into the privileged life of Keatyn Douglas and her friends. It felt a lot like Gossip Girl in Malibu with the cast of spoiled teenaged kids with access to whatever they want and very little parental intervention. It’s a superficial world with little substance but like the Gossip Girls series, I ate it up.

Keatyn’s life is somewhat enviable: she’s young, gorgeous and popular. Of course it’s not easy being young, gorgeous and popular, especially when your “best friends” are willing to turn on you at any moment. Everyone in this book is beautiful, even the obsessed stalker. There are so many hot guys in this book it was hard to keep track. In fact, there may be too many characters. I was really into the first two thirds of this book and then BAM- we are introduced to a new set of friends and guys. I was already emotionally invested in the first group and so by that point I just didn’t care about the newbies.

Overall Stalk me. kept me entertained and I enjoyed most of it, particularly Keatyn’s indulgent lifestyle and her wardrobe (and of course CUSH! I hope Cush is back in the next book!). I know she jumped from boy to boy, but I felt like her indecisiveness and fickle feelings were pretty accurate for a teenaged girl with so many options. However I didn’t love-love it like I did That Boy, and maybe that’s more my fault because even though I didn’t know what to expect when I started Stalk me, I couldn’t help but compare it to how totally amazing That Boy was. Still, I did like this book a lot and I’m ready for the next one in the series.

3.5 out of 5 stars