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Young Love Murder (Young Assassins, #1) - April Brookshire Two and a half stars.

Annabelle Blanc is a 17 year old assassin, sent to Miami to kill a drug kingpin. To gain access to him, she starts dating Gabriel, his teenaged son. Sparks fly between the two and they both fall in love, which is a big problem since she still has a job to finish...

Young Murder Love seemed like it would be really interesting, with a teenaged assassin and young, crazy love. To be honest I was hoping for something like Beautiful Disaster, and this wasn't it. It's not bad; I liked it ok, but around the halfway point I started to have a really hard time continuing. It was just running kind of long and the actions and reactions of Anna and Gabriel didn't feel very realistic. He wanted to kill her and she was still swooning over him! And she killed his father yet he still couldn't get over her. I did like the story and the twist at the end, I just thought this could have used some editing and cleanup. I think I'd still give the second book a shot.