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That Boy - Jillian Dodd That Boy is the perfect summer read. It was fun, it made me laugh, it made me teary-eyed, I just loved it. From the cover, I assumed it was a Young Adult novel but it definitely felt more like Chick Lit to me- and I can't resist good chick lit!

That Boy is about JJ, her two best friends, Danny and Phillip, and the story of how one of them becomes "That Boy". That boy she falls in love with, that boy who will ask her to marry him at the end of the book. The book opens with the proposal, and then flashback to the beginning, from when JJ was a little girl, living next to her best friends, growing up and college.

I wanted to be JJ's friend. She was very likable and cute. I envied her relationship with Danny and Phillip. What a lucky girl to have these two sweet, hot guys in her life! The story had a really nice flow to it, and the progression of the romance felt realistic (even though at a certain point I wanted to smack JJ, as a friend would, and be like, "Wake up, woman!" :P)

Of course I read That Wedding after I finished this (loved it!) and I cannot wait to read That Baby (not sure if that is just a rumor or in the works?)

5/5 stars