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That Wedding - Jillian Dodd Here's the thing: I loved That Boy so, so much. It was such a fun and easy read. I loved JJ and Phillip and Danny and all their little moments as they grew up. That Wedding was good, and I enjoyed it but maybe it was JJ being kinda spoiled and annoying, I don't know-- I wasn't going through this book as fast as the first, and I kind of paused before I was halfway through it for a bit. Ok, there were parts when I found JJ totally annoying and childish. She did, however mature a lot toward the end of the book. I loved all the details of the wedding planning. It was all very realistic, all those little details.

Still, it was fun and good chick lit, and I am looking forward to the next one! 3 1/2 stars.

By the way, JJ you are the luckiest girl to have a man like Phillip! He is so sweet!