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The Wedding Blitz (Foolish Games, #3) - Leah Spiegel,  Megan Summers I love the Foolish Games series, and I think my favorite part about it (besides JT Hawkins, obvs!) is the wonderful, wacky cast of characters. They have all been through a lot over the course of the summer while travelling together on tour with the Grimms Brothers Band. There have been kidnappings, bomb threats, terrorists, deaths. So I was really glad that as the band's tour came to a close, so did all the craziness. Especially now that Joie is pregnant.

In The Wedding Blitz, the crew are in the Seattle area for their last gig and Joie finally meets Hawkins' parents. His dad is warm and receptive of Joie but Mama Hawkins immediately does not approve. I felt really bad for Joie; she's pregnant and emotional and they haven't even told their parents yet about the baby. Hawkins tells her to give her time, his mom will come around. Even though she annoyed me that she didn't even give Joie a chance before discounting her, I could kind of understand where she was coming from. (It also made me aware that I do not want to be that kind of mother in-law in the future!) I liked that Hawkins stood by Joie and defended her from his mom, and still believed that Mama Hawkins would come to her senses in regards to the woman he loves.

As with the previous books, this story isn't without a few twists and surprises. Riley, the self appointed wedding planner, sets up the perfect wedding day and gets his own surprise. Riley is one of my favorite characters. He's always been so supportive and protective of Joie, and it was great to see his happy ending. I've also grown to like Lizzie (I couldn't stand her in the first book, to be honest). She doesn't make excuses for her behavior, she is who she is- which is sort of selfish and self-absorbed but she does love her friends and when it comes down to it, she's got their backs. I think she does grow up a little bit too, without losing her Lizzie-ness :P

The one thing I wasn't happy about Time Out was that there was not enough JT Hawkins. You can't blame me, though, right? I fell for this guy as Joie did, as those layers of jerk peeled off and we saw the real Hawkins. And in this final book I get exactly what I want: lots of Joie and Hawkins. In spite of all that they go through, they truly love one another and when they are together, it's like nothing else exists in the world but them. Oh, and the proposal! Without spoiling too much, I thought it was very fitting where he proposed to her. ;) I especially love the baby letters at the end of the book, which wraps up the story and gives us an extra peek into their lives and the lives of the rest of the gang.

I thought this was a gratifying conclusion to this entertaining series, lots of sweet moments with a happy ending for all :) I look forward to revisiting these books again in the future.

I will end this review with photos of the main cast as I pictured them. Enjoy :)

Malese Jow as Joie:
She's beautiful and she has a girl next door look to her.

Blake Lively as Lizzie:

Joshua Bowman as Riley:

and Jared Leto as JT Hawkins:
I know, he's a little older (age-wise), but he has the whole Hawkins blue eyed rocker look down.