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Sanctum - Sarah Fine 3.5 stars.

While I enjoyed this story, the dark underworld and Lela's quest to find her best friend, I could not get into the romance. Malachi is the leader of the guards in this particular district (the suicides), and has been for about seventy years. He is dangerous, tough and scary. Or so we are told, because he pretty much falls in love with Lela instantly and she takes advantage of that for most of the book. Instead of leading his unit, he is more involved in Lela's mission to find Nadia, all the while the Mazikin are invading.

Also, what are the Mazikin and why do they need to steal the bodies of the dead? Why are they coming through from beyond the afterlife? Why is Lela so special? I've got a lot of questions and I hope they'll be answered in the next book.