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Crash - Nicole  Williams Crash had me from the very start. I liked Lucy, a lot. I liked her smart mouth and wit. She was passionate and fiery, and I always enjoy a strong heroine, even if she does stupid things sometimes (like antagonizing Vince and those boys- that was really stupid).

And Jude…

I love Jude. I fell in love with Jude, just as Lucy did, from the moment he appeared on the beach with his gray beanie. I mean check out his opening:

He arrived with a whole mess of guys, tossing a football back and forth, and specimens like this confirmed there had been some kind of divine rule in the universe because no natural selection process was up to the task of creating something like him. This was some god’s, somewhere’s, handiwork. He was tall, his shoulders were wide, and he and those dark ringed eyes with black lashes that had the power to undo a woman’s best intentions.

Seriously, Jude stole my heart. He was such a tortured soul, stuck to his reputation of bad boy/bad news. But he had a vulnerable side, and Lucy picked up on that. Even though Lucy knew from the first moment she laid eyes on him that he was trouble, she also could see there was more to him. There were these moments where you could see how rough life had been for him, and it broke my heart.

The drama, oh the drama! This story was an incredible roller coaster ride; one minute you’re up- Jude & Lucy share this beautiful, intimate moment- and then you’re crashing down as something comes to tear these two apart.

I don’t think I’ve ever highlighted as book as much as I did with Crash. There were so many good lines. I wanted to highlight almost everything Jude said! My favorite:

“I’ll be here, each day and every day on, as long as you want me to be.”

Le sigh.

This book was such an intense and heart-wrenching read. I cannot wait to get more of Jude Ryder.